Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Know That You're There

No, I'm not in hiding!

I've had a lot going on. Some good, some not-so-good and some downright hard! That sounds cryptic but it's not meant to be. Basically, I think it comes down to having an operation and going back to work too soon which means that coping is not something that I've been doing particularly well! Don't worry, I'm ok now, but I think I'll look back on this period of my life and decide that, despite key hole surgery, I should have had at least four weeks off work after it!

That said, life rolls on!

We have eight weeks to go until our holiday and the count down has been worrying thanks to a mother of a volcano in Iceland! Here's praying that it keeps its ash to itself!

We are down to one major booking left.....Italian transport. What is the cheapest and safest way to get from Venice to Florence and then on to Rome? Rail?

On the to do list is the following:

*Book Paris rail pass
*Book EuroDisney tickets
*Work out how to get to Monet's Garden in Giverny
*Practise French and Italian phrases
*Get international driver's permit (they tell me that RACQ has these)
*Buy ac-dc plug converter for Europe
*Buy better bag locks
*Get swine flu and flu shots
*Try not to panic!!!!!

Despite being so close to our big trip, we decided last weekend to have a night up the coast at Maroochydore. A quick flip to and we ended up at the Sebel Resort. A whole day of lazing by the pool and spa definitely refreshed our batteries! Thank goodness for long weekends!

The photo is the view from our twelfth floor balcony, looking north to Coolum etc and of the living area of our apartment taken from the balcony. They are photos from my mobile so . It was just so lovely!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter?? What Easter???!!!

With the recent surgery still fresh on my mind, I have to admit that Easter was kinda forgotten in the aftermath!

I actually stayed at my parents' place for a few days to convalesce and get over the pain of having one's gall bladder removed.

To be honest, chocolate isn't actually giving me the same excited thrill that it usually does this year. I ate some and ended up with terrible indigestion! I'm sure that this is a passing least, I hope it is!!!

Our Easter naturally, then was a quiet day at home. I had bought eggs etc for the family prior to going into hospital so thankfully, that was pre-organised! In the afternoon, we all sat down and watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off on dvd....a bonus in the Superteen's Easter gift stash!

My recovery is going well. Today, I took the outer layer of bandaging off my wounds to find some nice, neat little cuts that are healing well. I am getting around ok but bending and stretching do create some pain. I rang the doctor's office today and they tell me that I should be right to go back to work next week! Nice of me to organise hospital recovery time on my holidays, wasn't it!!!

And for those of you who are wondering.....the holidays are mostly booked. We have found places in Italy, including Rome, Venice and Florence. The Eurostar tickets are booked. I am just contemplating Italian train travel (ideas please!!!) and EuroDisney tickets! Can't wait for that one!

I hope that your Easter was a good one!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Smooth Operation!!!

A few days ago, I went into hospital and had my troublesome gall bladder removed.

Apart from a couple of Cesarean-sections, I've never had an operation before and have never been completely put out to it, under anesthetic.

The experience, while not one that I want to repeat, certainly was a learning curve.

Firstly, I now know that I can tolerate anesthetic. I also know that when you come out from anesthetic you feel as though you've just experienced a wonderful sleep. For a few groggy seconds, you feel a combination of relief that you came through and a sense of just wanting to return to the land of nod to enjoy what is left of that fantastic sleep!

I now know that a couple of hours after the anesthetic wears off, the pain of healing sets in. Not fun but essential.

I also know that any movement after an operation is painful!

I've learnt that a key hole gall bladder removal is called a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy which equals a fancy couple of words for ouch!!! Pain!!!

I've discovered that eating after a gall bladder removal can be a nauseating feeling for a few days. Even now, I'm only on small meals....large ones make my tummy hurt!

I have also found out that while you are having a gall bladder operation, the surgeon pumps your tummy full of carbon dioxide gas. This helps her or him to see what they are doing. Once the operation is finished, this gas has to come out somewhere. While the doctor tries to get it out, some is inevitably left over and can cause nasty pains in your shoulders especially!

I have four cuts in my tummy from gall bladder surgery. They tell me that one near my belly button is where they removed the actual bladder and put the camera in. The others are where instruments went in.

Most of all I've learnt that when you have surgery, your friends are family are the absolute best people in the whole wide world. They send wishes, love, prayers and (in the case of my parents) look after you while you recuperate!