Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off To See Cats!

Cats The Musical, that is!

When they advertised that it was coming to Brisbane, I promised Miss 9 that I would take her. She'd never been to a proper, A-grade type musical before and I'd never seen Cats so it seems like the perfect (and expensive!) thing to do.

It's funny watching a child begin to enjoy some of life's culture. She had no idea what was coming. Initially, to her it was just a word. She was marginally excited only because she had the day off school to go to the matinee session.

Once in the theatre, however, Miss 9 took one look at the stage set and declared, 'This is gonna be fantastic'. We had snagged seats that were four rows from the front and slightly off centre so all of the action was right above (and below) us.

The musical itself was pretty amazing. The dancing and singing were incredible. There were times, when the dancers were somersaulting across the stage that I could practically see Miss Nine's eyes popping out of her head! And when the actress playing Grizabella did her power notes in Memory in Act 2, my eyes started watering over. Incredible and talented!

My only subtle criticism is that, unlike most musicals, Cats is so not a narrative. The story line is thin. To me, it is more just a series of descriptions of individuals cats, set to music and dance and presented one after the other. Given that the whole thing is based on poetry by T.S. Eliot, I suppose that it stands to reason that you don't really follow a distinct story journey.

On the drive home, after convincing me to buy the program, the cd and a hat, Miss Nine declared that it was the best thing she'd ever been to. She turned to me and quite innocently asked, "If they ever do a musical about dogs, can we go to that one, too!'

Yes, I think that's a definite sign of success!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've Got Nothin......Almost!

I think I'm in a rut! A big, fat, comfy rut! Yes, comfy cause it's so darn snug in here that I'm content to sit and wait out everything that is going on around me for the warmth of my hole!

Perhaps it is the fact that Winter has descended nastily upon us and I'm just enjoying snuggling up to my hot water bottle at night.

Perhaps it's because I'm knee deep in work and family history research, which always take up my time.

Or perhaps it's cause life is just whizzing by so fast that I don't have time to write.

Naaaahhhhh....I personally think it's writer's block!

I did have two weeks holidays somewhere there a while back. Two weeks of lying in bed and reading. Reading, reading and more reading! I have told my work colleague who recommended the J.D. Robb 'Eve Dallas In Death' Series that I was never forgiving her. They really have taken over my life as I'd rather be reading in my spare time. Once I read the first book, I was hooked....only to find that there were 20-something to read after it!

And I can also personally recommend The Tutors tv series. The court of King Henry VIII never seemed so darn interesting. I've managed to sit through series 1 and I've purchased series 2.

Miss Nine is still bouncing along to netball training. Her team is doing well though were put up in a higher division for their recent carnival so struggled quite a bit. It was a fun day, though.

The Superteen has lived through his first girlfriend (I blinked and missed it all, apparently!) but has happily been selected for his school's AFL team and is loving it. I'm trying to get through to him, however that school work is more important than I fighting a losing battle?

As for DH and me....we are just sitting in our rut and watching the world go by....and eating my home-made lemon meringue cupcakes (sorry about the bad telephone camera shot though).