Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Which Inn Is In??

One of the joys of travelling seems to be the accommodation. The concept of where to stay seems to fall into two mindsets...either you view it as just a place to sleep (as you are really there to see the city, not the inside of a room) or you see it as a part of the whole experience.

When travelling with four people...two being very vibrant children....a tiny hotel room on the other side of the world somehow does not seem very appealing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that said hotel rooms can be magnificent. But when you are on a budget, it is only one option of quite a few.

Apart from hotel rooms, we have considered backpacking (too sterile for kids), B&Bs and apartment rental accommodation.

Who would have thought that finding somewhere to rest your weary head could be such a dilemma! Firstly, the costs can be anywhere between 'cheap as chips' and 'Omg! The taps must be solid gold'! Times that by 4 cause most places make you pay per person and you end up with one heck of a tummy ache!

Then there is the whole bedding situation.....a double (as in 'bed') or a twin (as in 2 x singles). And what if you want both? Can these be linked somehow by an adjoining door or do we have to take a cut lunch to see our kids on the other side of the building??

And let's not think about payment. The thought of money exchange in foreign currency makes my head swirl!

So, at present, we have finally settled on some accommodation. We have booked holiday apartments for two cities. In Italy, however, we think we will grit our teeth and book quad rooms in hotels! Scary, I know but the idea of concierges who speak a little English explaining to ignorant Aussies like us how to get to wherever somehow appeals! (OK, we have little French, too but I do remember a few basics from high school...surely that can't be too bad!).

So the plans are in motion. Stay tuned for details....just in case we end up in a stable! Lol!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Christmas Over!

Christmas is over for another year!

This year, our day was filled with much of the same - church on Christmas eve, being woken up early by a couple of eager kids to open presents on Christmas morning, eating lots of food, spending time with family etc.

Food in our house is always a treat but this year DH excelled himself and marinated 3 inch long prawns in garlic the night before and did them on the bbq for breakfast. They were delicious! He also has an obsession with fruit at the moment so we have spent much of the last few days eating cherries, lychees and mangoes. Yum!

On Boxing Day, after sleeping in and watching some of the test match on television, we went to the movies and saw Avatar in 3D. It is one of those rare movies that we all wanted to see so therefore became a family event. It is definitely worth recommending, although I would add that seeing it in 3D is a must! But I'm a bit partial cause I've been a Sam Worthington fan from way back when he did Bootmen and Love My Way!

Today it is raining thanks to the left overs from Cyclone Lawrence breaking up across Queensland. Time for a nice, lazy day....oh, and heaps of washing and cleaning up that I'm totally avoiding!

And what am I reading at the moment? The last two books from the Riley Jensen Guardian series by Keri Arthur. I have no idea what time I went to bed this morning cause I just could not put the book, Bound To Shadows, down. I read somewhere that Keri Arthur only has one more book to write in this series! *gasp* I love Riley and Quinn and I love the way that Arthur writes so that the pace of the book is continually fast and interesting. One more book only? Nooooooo!!!! *sob, sob*

Hope that you have also had a great Christmas. Roll on new years!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

The presents are waiting to be wrapped!
I'm running late and was supposed to be at a friend's house ten minutes ago.

I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping!

And I cannot find a Chinese cabbage in any store on this side of Brisbane.

But......I still love Christmas!!!

Hope that you have a great time with your family and friends over this Holy season. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Will I See in 2010???

I really want to see this!

As well as this:
And am hoping to see this:

I'm a very lucky girl!!! (OK, poor yes but definitely lucky!!!)

Btw, any travel hints would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Life is too short!

For numerous reasons, we have realised just how true this is.

A few months ago, we made a brave and exciting not wait for 'one day' to come! To 'seize the day' so to speak and to begin doing some of those things that we really want to do but keep putting off.

So, 2010 is going to be our year of travel! Too bad that we need new carpet and a new kitchen. So what if it means a few more years with the clunker car! And so what if we should be waiting for the kids to finish school so that it would be much cheaper!

We have already booked our flights!

This is one to cross off our bucket list!

Life is good!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Catch Up

The past month has flown and once again, I've proven to be a very slack blogger and not updated my little site here! My apologies to all those who had given up on me. Unfortunately, life is like that however, now that holidays have approached, perhaps I'll improve...who knows!

The past month or so have been very busy. Here is my update for you:

* The Superteen finished another year of high school. He now insists on growing his hair longer and not shaving (yes, he is actually shaving!) while holidays are on. He began cricket again last term and received his certificate for 20 wickets so obviously his bowling skills are improving! He also has a real pocket money job at a local shopping centre. He's pretty thrilled to have his own money but is sick of me nagging him to save half each week. On the scary side, he now proclaims to have a girlfriend. Being the mean mother that I am, I have loaded them both up with rules (ie, no getting serious, only movies in a group, etc etc) but he has managed to maintain this relationship for a couple of months now so only the future knows what will happen.

* Miss Nine is now Miss Ten! Yes, I somehow managed to prepare a birthday party for a dozen or so ten year olds at a local swimming pool in the midst of the chaos that was last month! She has continued to play summer netball once a week as well and has also finished school for the year in great excitement as her bestie is in the same class as her next year! Woo hoo!

* The dogs, I'm sure are the healthiest in the neighbourhood! They had a recent trip to the doggie parlour and are looking very spiffy on these hot summer days! Jasper celebrated his first birthday at the end of October, too.

* The back yard reno is at a standstill. I feel like it is a nightmare as DH and I have debated over finished products, etc and whether we should install a swimming pool. If it progresses, I'll let you know but atm I am still facing a mountain of soil each day!

* We have decided that 2010 is the year of the holiday for us! I'm talking great big holiday on great big airplane for great big hours....with great big cost! I guess that this is the reason why the backyard has stalled but it was a totally selfish decision based on the need to take the opportunity to seize life with both hands while we have to opportunity!

* I have finally had the chance to see New Gold Class! (Gotta love Gold Class!). Btw, I loved it much more than I thought I would and actually think I prefer it to the first movie.

* I have finished every book in the Eve Dallas In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts!). I can't recommend them enough. Totally fell in love with the characters!

* I have also been listening to the novel Eat, Pray, Love read by the author, Elizabeth Gilbert on cd. It's a great way to pass the time while out driving from place to place on my own. I'm actually really enjoying both the format and the literature!

* I am still in the process of doing mountains of Christmas shopping however am now enjoying holiday sleep ins with the kids!

I know that that's a quick summary but who knows...perhaps 2010 will see me being a more regular blogger. Here's hoping!