Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wired For Power!

It's amazing what catches your eye while you are sitting and waiting for your daughter's netball training to finish!

It's also amazing how we live around these huge man made structures and they just tend to blend into the environment.

Oh and did you notice the left-overs of that pretty sunset. If only I'd thought to drag my phone out a few minutes before!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Miss Eleven The Artist

Miss Eleven has been doing an art class. Last year, it was on Thursday afternoons, this year she is doing the painting class on Saturdays. I wanted to share with you her latest work because I think (unashamedly bias, I admit but that's a mother's privilege!) that it's great! Can you spot the wolf and the frog that she has painted in? Kudos to her teacher as well, who is obviously inspiring the artist within my child!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

B'gosh and B'gora It's St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day to all of you who, like me, enjoy honouring the Irish blood that flows through your veins!

For me, it's a couple of generations great grandparents to be precise, but their courage in the face of adversity and adventure meant that their descendants now live, not amongst rolling green valleys and castle-topped hills but rather grey-green, gum tree riddled bushland and fabulous white beaches! If only they could see now what their hard work has resulted in!

I should also add that 19 years ago tonight, I first met my husband. So I guess that is another reason to mark the day as significant!

To celebrate tonight we had Colcannon for dinner - an Irish potato and cabbage dish. Ok, apparently it's traditionally a Halloween dish but I reason that their Halloween is in Autumn and it's Autumn here now so.....meh!

This is my little effort, topped off with a bit of meat. I must say though that it was obviously meant to pack a few pounds onto the hips in preparation for the on-coming winter....cause it's soooo full of food that is way too yummy!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Iphone City Pix

Here is my city....taken from Coronation Drive on my iphone (Hey, I don't profess to be a photographer but I do enjoy playing around with Hipstamatic)! Gotta love an iphone! This road was all underwater a few weeks ago!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Support A Queensland Flood-Affected Business!

Last week it was my birthday. Next week it is Dear Husband's birthday. To celebrate, we dumped the kids on their grandparents (yay for grandparent babysitting when the 'rents - as the Superteen likes to refer to us - need some hard-to-come-by time off!) and headed out to tea.

I decided to surprise Dear Husband and booked a restaurant without telling him where. All today he has been trying to guess where the mystery dinner would be. We ended up going to Lure Restaurant at the Coro Hotel. This was for two reasons....firstly, I'd been there before and thought it was ok and secondly, I am of the total belief that we need to support Queensland businesses who are trying to recover from being flooded.

Ok, this is slightly personal as, if you are a regular reader to my blog would realise, that Dear Husband's work also went underwater. Like every other business in the same position, they are slowly recovering but every little bit of support is greatly appreciated.

Our Lure meal was delicious. I have taken a photograph of the scrumptious dessert so that you can understand why I think I've put on a few kilograms over the last few hours! The only hint of flood devastation was that the car park lift was not working and we had to walk up the easily accessible car park ramp.

After dinner we walked around the block and onto Coronation Drive. As we walked we tried to imagine the whole area being underwater. All we can say is that the immense clean up has been worth looks almost as good as new!

PS...I think I've finally fixed the small picture problem! Yayyy!