Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Guess There will Be A Lot Of These

I tried to post it on here but it didn't work. :(

My son showed me this and I thought it was cute. Click here to see the MJ tribute dance:

Thriller Tribute Dance

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I remember as a teenager walking through the local shopping centre. Everywhere I turned, the shops had television sets strategically placed, playing the latest video clip on the screens, over and over again. The video? Michael Jackson's, Thriller. Never before had any of us seen anything like it. Crowds stood and watched in amazement in front of the screens.

Throughout the years, Michael Jackson's life story became a constant as it played out on new shows around the world - and in my living room. His music, too, became the background pieces for many memorable life events - school formals, discos, wedding entertainment, parties, driving to places as it boomed in through the car radio, etc. Despite the many issues he, as a man may have had, Michael Jackson as a performer created so much of the music of a generation.

I'll be honest, I was never a fanatical Michael fan. I appreciated his music and recognised his brilliance but was not the type to stick his poster on my wall. The substance of his music only really dawned on me some time ago when, despite not having much input into the musical tastes of Generation Now (do they have a name yet??) my just-turned-teenager son could tell me who he was and what he sung and was asking me questions about him.

So today, when I read the news on my computer, I was shocked. I still am. Yes, as a person he had many problems, but as a singer and dancer and entertainer, we can only mourn the world's loss of a memory maker and a true legend.

RIP Michael Jackson!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knock, Knock!

Who is there?

Yes, me.....I am here! And no, I didn' t fall into a cyber black hole!

What has been happening to make you disappear off the face of your blog, I hear you ask.........

Well, I have been working full time.....yes, FULL TIME....for a couple of weeks. And yes, it has definitely knocked me about but I got through it and now......
I'm on holidays! Hooray! And no, I have no plans for the holidays except sleeping in, reading and running children around..........

.....Speaking of whom........ they are perfectly fine. The Superteen has been living in the throes of his first young romance (under strict guidelines from us such as....you only go on group dates, you do not use MSN, you keep your lips to yourself, etc) and has also been hitting the school books under the pressure of end of semester exams etc. During it all, he has been jolly good! Happy, friendly, helpful (generally) and seriously fine to be around. Is this what first love does to you? (Mind you, I do think that they are too young to be serious and I'm sure that he'll have heaps more girlfriends before he finds the one who he wants to marry one day!).

.....Which brings me to Miss Nine who went on her very first music camp last weekend. I have no idea how well she coped, except to say that apparently she had no sleep. She also came home with a sore throat (darn those massive tonsils!). And she had a major melt-down over a red jacket that she decided before she even left that she would not wear. Mums of girls, where are you? I'm gonna need help in the future, I can see it already!

......And finally, last week my DH and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. For those of you playing at home, that is the crystal one. I thought that he had forgotten but he surprised me by giving me a Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings. Now, I'm sure that the Swarovski people won't mind me putting a picture of the gorgeous necklace here and telling every man out there that if you are celebrating your 15 year anniversary, your wife would love one of these (just as I did!).

So that is my life in a wrap-up. I am hoping to be on here more but some naughty friend has gotten me onto the J.D. Robb Eve Dallas series (of which I have about 20 books left to read) and that is where a lot of my spare time is going. And btw, I love the series. If you love Stephanie Plum, you'll love Eve Dallas!

Life is good!