Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not Hijacked Anymore!

Some nasty little bug got into a gadget that I had on the side of my page and infected my site! Not happy! Unfortunately, the host gadget had to be deleted but hooray....my page is back up and running!

Despite all of this, I don't have too much to report! Life continues as normal....or as normal as it normally is!
In the meantime, enjoy the fancy page that was in my nanna's cookbook! It's an ad for an old Brisbane department store, Bayards! I have vague memories of Bayards being around when I was a very very little girl. Each week, my mother would do a trip to the city to do her shopping.

In those days, the suburban shopping centres were few and far between and the city offered great choice for the astute housewife.....apparently! Often, we kids were left to fend for ourselves amongst the dangers of other generation x bubs in the Brisbane City Hall Kindergarten! Apparently, I loved it there! Mum would scuttle across King George Square, in the days when it was actually topped with real, green grass (boo to those politicians who got rid of it!) and make her way with my brother's pram and all, up the rather shaky elevator to the place that offered her a few hours of delightful, child-free shopping! Who could blame her??!

Brisbanites reading this would probably also join in memory searching with me to reminisce on the other city delights of our child-growing years: Coles cafeteria where you actually had to pay to go to the toilet. Lining up in Woolworths, a few doors up. A Queen Street filled with cars. McDonald and East....the other BIG department store. Just to name a few!

I must say that I do love the fashions of the newspaper clipping. Bayards were obviously up with the times, too....they did mail order! If they were around these days, they would no doubt be doing on-line ordering. It makes you wonder though....what will our kids be remembering in 30 years time!

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